Daphne believes that our choices and experiences if life are what shape us into who we are and what we become. Although she moved around a lot in her life, Daphne knows that the moving and traveling, along with her strong and close family ties, are what have ultimately attributed to her happiness and success. Even during her 30 year career as a police officer, she still found time to tell stories and write creatively. Daphne believes that the universe has a path for everyone, and that the success of our journey is determined by the decisions, the actions and non-actions we take each and every day. She believes in “paying it forward.” Her strong moral principles and personal standards are what she shares and has in common with her loving husband – her best friend and life partner. Those ethics and values, her determination towards self-improvement, along with her dedication to help others, are things she has worked hard at maintaining, and practicing daily…

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If Winnipeg is considered to be a small town, then Daphne could be considered a “small town girl.” Arriving into this world in 1962, Daphne was born into a happy family with humble beginnings. Her mom was a stay-at-home mom, very hands on, while her dad went out and worked diligently for Goodyear every day to provide for his family. Both parents were very involved with Daphne’s upbringing, and she credits her success, drive and strong personality to her parent’s influence and strong values. From a very young age, Daphne knew that she wanted to be a police officer one day. She grew up in Winnipeg, with her sister and two brothers, until which time her dad’s company transferred the family to Edmonton, Alberta. Daphne was only 12 years old at the time and in the middle of grade 7.

It was a difficult move, because every summer had been spent at Lake of the Woods, Ontario, where her grandfather had built a cottage. It was Daphne’s favourite place in the world. It is where she had learned to swim, sail, boat and waterski. Being that much farther away from the cottage and her grandfather proved difficult for all of her family. Along with that, Daphne found herself to be quite lost in her new school. She was bullied throughout her middle school years and it was a very lonely time. It took a toll on her confidence and self esteem. This is when she first began to write poetry and short stories. It was a good outlet and she found it was something she was good at. Daphne managed to meet a core group of friends through a couple of youth groups she joined and, to this day, (over 40 plus years later), they have remained close friends.

Edmonton was short-lived. At the end of high school, her father was transferred once again, this time to Vancouver, B.C. This was also a difficult move because, just graduating from high school, and at 1 month short of 18 years old, Daphne wanted nothing to do with uprooting and leaving her new best friends. Her first couple of years in Vancouver were those of indecision and wavering, between what she desired in life, as well as what she was and was not qualified to do. The cottage at Lake of Woods had been sold a few years before, she was missing her friends, and she also had an intense feeling that there was just something more out there for her. After a few months of taking courses and working at a local shoe store, Daphne finally landed a job with the Royal Bank of Canada as a bank teller. Her ultimate goal, however, was to find a police force to join; and she began to take the necessary steps towards that goal.

Thanks to savings that her grandfather had set aside, Daphne had enough money to take a much desired trip overseas. She planned the trip with a girlfriend and together they planned a tour through Europe. Having just turned 20, it was an experience that shaped Daphne and helped her expand her knowledge and horizons. She met others on her trip, from all over the world, and it further fuelled her desire to succeed. Unfortunately, the hiring process for police services was slow, in fact there was an actual freeze on all applications for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (the RCMP) – her police force of choice. It was now the early 80’s and with no police forces hiring, Daphne had to focus her efforts elsewhere. She began to apply for the loans officer training program through the Royal Bank. They told her that it wasn’t possible; that it was too soon, she was too inexperienced, too new to the bank, too young for the program. However, she persevered. The timing was finally right and in 1984, Daphne was one of the youngest candidates to enter the loans officer training program – she was just 22 years old.

The training paid off, and after 6 months, Daphne received her first posting – Oak Bay, Victoria, BC. It was the most beautiful place she had ever lived. She took sailing courses, joined the YWCA, rented a beautiful apartment, and to enjoyed her new job as a loans officer. This is where she found that her writing really took off. She had to help people qualify for their loans and mortgages. This involved writing reports about the people, their situations in life as well as reiterating their stories. There were no computers then, so it was all done through freehand or typewriters, but Daphne didn’t mind. She loved it! And she continued to write her stories and poetry.

It was while she lived in Victoria when the RCMP finally called. It was time to make a decision. Should she stay with the bank, who was offering her a very promising career, or jump in to the police world – something she had wanted since she was a little girl? She cut her time with the bank short, and in January 1986, was sworn into the RCMP. She headed off to their police academy in Regina, Saskatchewan, also known then as “Depot Divison.” That six months training was a very difficult, intense, fun and memorable time. It was one of the most difficult things Daphne said she has ever had to go through. Once she graduated, not only was she in the best shape of her life, but training had developed and shaped her into someone she never thought possible. Now, she had gained back that long lost confidence!

Although Daphne was assigned to be transferred to Manitoba after Depot, the RCMP needed extra members in Ottawa at the time. So, after graduation in July 1986, that’s where most of her troop went……Ottawa, Ontario. As a result of meeting both her first and second husbands, Ottawa ended up becoming her permanent home. Although her first marriage broke down, she was blessed with two beautiful children, a daughter and a son. To this day, Daphne considers her children to be her best accomplishment, and they remain as her biggest inspiration. Her second marriage brought her two more children, a step-son and step-daughter. Together, they completed Daphne and her husband’s idea of a real family.

For work, having to remain in Ottawa did pose some challenges, however, Daphne managed to obtain good job postings, one being her many years working in national security. It was during her time in national security that her advanced writing skills were noticed. This opened many doors and provided her with opportunities to further tailor and hone her writing abilities. Daphne considers herself lucky to have had an employer who not only supported her dreams, but also provided her with courses, conferences, workshops and continued educational opportunities. It was during her career and courses that other particular skills surfaced. They were her ability to teach, make presentations and public speaking.

In 2012, Daphne’s career was on a positive and uphill track. Although she had reached her ultimate goal, having obtained the rank of Sergeant, she still had her sights set ahead on another promotions and possible postings. It was at this time, while working in Professional Standards, Office of Professional Integrity, that Daphne’s direction completely changed. The universe had other plans for her. A severe bout with shingles, and the residual fallout from that, altered her life’s path. Daphne says, “Chronic pain wakes you up and sets you straight on what’s really important in life – your health and your family. The rest is all window dressing.” Her health setback was a harsh realization that one’s life can change in an instant. She was forced to retire from the RCMP with a medical discharge in 2015. It was a rough road, as Daphne wasn’t ready yet for a “plan B.”

This brings us to the present day. Daphne realized that she actually had a “Plan B” all along – her writing skills! Daphne still possesses that feeling that there’s something more out there for her to do. And she is finding out exactly what that is! She decided to take her writing to the next level and started entering contests with her short stories and poetry. She also fulfilled a life-long dream of publishing some of her writing and chose to start that process with publishing a few of her stories for children. Improving on and providing her writing skills service to others is now one of her main goals. In 2017, Daphne started the AWAI Accelerated copywriting training. In May she attended the Create Your Writer’s Life in a Day Seminar, and has continued since with AWAI’s 12 Week Path to Success program. She is also a member of AWAI’s Professional Writer’s Alliance.

Since retiring, Daphne has also expanded on her yoga teachings, taking courses to expand her yoga knowledge, which recently lead to being certified as a face yoga teacher. She likes to think outside the box and, after following and acting on her strong intuition, has learned to read Tarot cards as well a provide Reiki healing.

Daphne has been married to her husband, Paul, for 18 years, together a total of over 21 years. They share many interests, one of which is traveling and love of the open water. Paul is her biggest fan and actively supports her many interests and endeavours. She is enjoying her retirement and filling her time with what he loves best – writing!

Although she battles with chronic pain, her insatiable need to keep learning and improve upon herself continues to motivate her.