“Daphne’s Face Yoga classes are wonderful. She’s knowledgeable, and demonstrates the postures in a simple way that beginners can understand. She supplies tools to enhance and make the postures easier and less messy with the fingers, (like gloves etc). My face the next day was grateful for the toning.”
V. M.

“Daphne has researched and created a unique face yoga class, that is fun,creative and very helpful.”
Kim O.

“I have been practicing yoga for many years and was drawn to Daphne’s class to help with pain in my jaw. It was a great class that offered lots of techniques to relax and rejuvenate the face and neck – all done in a fun and professional manner.”
Brenda R.

“When Daphne became a certified yoga instructor I was so excited. I was eager to attend her classes and to have her come to the school where I work to teach my students some yoga concepts.

Daphne has taught my students both hatha and yin style classes. What impressed me the most about Daphne’s teaching style was her kind, considerate and genuine manner. She made a point of getting to know the students as individuals and always greeted them with a warm smile. She was considerate to their needs and styles and always gave words of encouragement. She genuinely cared and celebrated each student’s success. She listened to their needs and geared each class to what the students were looking for.

I highly recommend Daphne as a yoga instructor. She is a kind, considerate and genuine person who is passionate about yoga and is eager to share that love of yoga with everyone.”
Melissa M.