Have you ever watched in the mirror while your face literally drooped before your eyes, as well as be powerless to stop it? It was proof to me that anything can happen to change the course of my life. What more potent experience did I need to alter my life’s path?

We all age, and it shows on our faces, yet what if you could slow down the rate in which you visibly age? Remember that illness and stress not only reveal their presence in our bodies, but are reflected in our faces as well. Our environment, habits and life influences and choices all affect our appearance and health.

Imagine the horror I experienced back in 2012, when I watched the entire left side of my face droop before me in the mirror! I was witnessing what was the beginning of Bells Palsy, and I was helpless to stop it. After my initial shock I immediately sought out what I could do to try to reverse the effects. It wasn’t easy. Although it was a long road, thanks to practicing Face Yoga, I have since gained over 90% function back in my facial muscles. In fact, only my immediate family can tell if there’s leftover paralysis. I tell you – Face yoga works!

The muscles in your face are not that different than those in the rest of your body. Imagine what happens if you don’t exercise the muscles of the body; they will weaken and lose tone. The same goes for the 57 muscles of the face and neck. Although these muscles are small, they are muscles all the same, and they can be trained just as any other in the body. So, what causes a face to age?

Face yoga not only tightens your facial muscles, it also increases circulation, promotes the production of college and elastin, (the natural plumping agents of the skin), which results in a more healthy and rosy glow. It also gives you an overall sense of lightness and well-being.

Just some of the benefits of face yoga are: reduce tension, increase blood flow, removal of toxins, reduce lines and wrinkles, firm and tone, stimulate the production of college and elastin, and an overall more youthful look. And there’s more!

Who wouldn’t want all that? With a little face yoga every day, you too will experience a more youthful appearance! I guarantee it!