My first and foremost love is writing; I’ve been doing it all my life. As I am now retired, time is on my side, therefore I am pursuing my passion. This year, I began the process of publishing two children’s books and am looking at eventually doing the same with my life’s collection of poetry. Along with that, working on the first draft of a novel is taking up some of my time. I love to write and create stories.

It is important for me to remain current and up to date, therefore, I actively take creative writing courses, yoga classes and copywriting training through AWAI (American Writers Artists Inc.) Now, I am proud to say, that I am a member of the AWAI Professional Writers Alliance, as well as several writing groups through LinkedIn and Facebook. My main purpose and central idea revolve around expanding my knowledge, contacts and future opportunities; not only for my own benefit, but so I can also be of service to others. Maybe even YOU!

Throughout my 30 year career as a police officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), I had accomplished many milestones, having participated in and received several certifications. As a public speaker, I was also treasurer as well as president of the RCMP Toastmasters Club, which lead me to be a guest speaker at the International Association of Women Police, in Newfoundland Canada,2012. My early interest in teaching and public speaking lead me to be a CPR First Aid instructor trainer. This subsequently resulted in me being one of the first police officers of the RCMP Emergency Medical Response Team (EMRT). I actively served on this team for over 12 years and continued to receive medical-related training, two of which were my BTLS, ABTLS (Basic and Advanced Basic Trauma Life Support) certifications. I remain very interested in these fields of study as well as, and more importantly, health and wellness in the work place.

During my 12 years working in national security, I was responsible for drafting, editing and managing high level memoranda, briefing notes and talking points for senior management, as well as Q&As for the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness. In fact, I was sought out and transferred to the RCMP HQ National Security Criminal Intelligence Directorate’s Briefing Unit specifically because of my writing abilities, editing skills and overall professionalism. Having been certified in Advanced Statement Content Analysis (SCAN), I also worked on the analysis of police documents and statements (in assistance and support of interviews and interrogations). I have taken several courses related to effective presentations, statement taking and report writing. Overall, my career with the RCMP is one I am very proud of.

So here I am now, still writing! Now I can be as creative as I want to be! Retirement does not have to be boring!

Thanks for taking the time to find out more about me and my passion for writing! Being someone who is sincere, honest and professional, I will certainly bring out the human and creative side of your business!

Help me help you succeed!

Feel free to Contact me with any questions or requests you might have!