Services and Prices

Daphne enjoys writing short and long stories, poetry, speeches, was well as basic content for blogs, newsletters and web sites. She is interested in the world of health and fitness, yoga, as well as the metaphysic market. Daphne is also a strong proponent for health and wellness in the work place, which she believes is an important area in which many companies currently lack.

Daphne is certified in Advanced Statement and Content Analysis. She loves to read and analyze any type of written statements from areas of law enforcement, to help determine their veracity and indicate relative gaps in time.

She is committed to offering the best writing services and in a very professional timely manner.

Service Description

Estimated Investment

Statement Analysis (SCAN)

$2000 + (negotiated by length of statement)

Statement Analysis formal report

$1000 + (negotiated by length of statement)

Editing services (short copy)


Editing services (long copy)

$200 per page

Email, short copy


Email, long copy


Website pages content

$1000 per page

Long copy sales letter



$500 per page

Blog post (length depending)

$100 – $500/post

Case study (length depending)

$500 – $2000

Rack Card Design

$150 per design

Brochure Design

$250 per design

Speech (length depending)

$500 – $1000/page


$500 – $1000/page