“Daphne is very empathetic, much more than others. She has a high Emotional IQ (EQ), is very compassionate, understanding and generous. She is extremely thoughtful and kind. Daphne makes the added effort to make friends feel cared about. She is giving, loving, warm and affectionate. Beautiful and intelligent too!! An excellent public speaker. She is also understanding and soft-spoken, but tough when she needs to be.”
Caroline O.

“Daphne is a very good communicator., through her writing, poetry or just having a chat. She is open, observant and able to communicate ideas clearly.”
Donna D.

“A few words to describe Daphne are: adaptability, team leader, instructor and problem solver. Some would also add: devoted, listener, caring, honest, intelligent, analytical, persistent, author, and a people person.”
Bill and June R.

“I think that there are many unique strengths and abilities that Daphne has, both personally and professionally. I have watched her finish her career with the RCMP, then develop her own goals, while working very hard and diligently at achieving those goals! Daphne has collected, written and put together two children’s books and found a publishing company to publish them. She has researched and created a unique face yoga class, that is fun,creative and very helpful.

She has also researched and explored areas of Tarot, Reiki, and different healing techniques, that require a special development of one’s intuition! Daphne has the unique abilities to take ideas, form them, create and initiate them in a manner that is very tangent and useful to family, friends and the general public. Along with this ability her organizational skills are exceptional. Daphne has the ability to form an idea and take it from its grass roots to a very useful, functional, tangible form and then initiate books, classes etc.

She can take a project from an idea (the very start) to the very end, and in a very thoughtful, organized, methodic manner. I found that she also has a big heart, she is intuitive and a great ability to listen. Daphne is a very loyal person to her friends and family. She is very involved with her family and continues to be there for them, take care of them and cherishes the time that she can connect with them. She also has strength, integrity and the love that it takes to care for someone with special needs.”
Kim O.

“In my eyes, Daphne has a number of unique qualities that I have come to know, love and admire these past few years. Watching her deal with her health challenges, the lifestyle and career changes that have resulted from those challenges I have been struck by how strong she is! Even in pain, her desire to learn to be a yoga instructor, to find ways to enjoy life and to continue to be such a strong support for her husband and his son is admirable to say the least.

Courage, perseverance, determination, love, wisdom are words that come to mind. I have come to appreciate the special place that ongoing pain and struggles bring us. As an observer, I can see that it has been a refiners fire of extraordinary precision. The wisdom that comes out of so much deep pain has made Daphne into a wise woman that I am proud to call friend.”
Teri K.

“One of Daphne’s strengths would be her strong mindedness and determination for excellence. A lot of the time people view this trait as a negative thing but for Daphne it is anything but that. She knows what she wants and doesn’t stop until her goal is met. Whether it is personal, family, her passion of yoga practice, or her new venture of book publishing, Daphne likes to see things through and make sure things are done and done right.”
Laurisa A.

“One of Daphne’s great strengths is that she is very open and honest, and a terrific person. We can go months/year without seeing each other and then it’s like we just saw each other yesterday. She honestly cares about people in a very sincere way. Daphne is also a gifted writer, being able to express herself in the written word.”
Lori D.

“Very few people have the ability to look people straight in the eye without looking away while speaking to someone. Daphne has that ability which automatically sends the message that she is extremely trustworthy. I believe it lets people know right away that she is open and tells it like it is, with tact and diplomacy. I think it’s great!”
Cher. M.

“Communication skills – Daphne employs active listening skills seemingly effortlessly. As a result she demonstrates empathy in her communication and gives the other party in the conversation the impression that he/she has been heard.

Realism – Daphne does not shirk from giving someone “the bad news”. As her communication skills are top notch, she is able to appropriately and effectively convey this realism in her communication with the other party.

Resilience – Daphne has experienced a fair amount of adversity in her life. She has been able to deal effectively with this adversity and maintain her strength and even, eventually, come out ahead.”
Chris M.

“When Daphne has a goal or dream to work towards (ie: publishing a book, learning to speak in public or to become bilingual) she has a great capacity to stay focused with her eye on the “prize” and see her dreams and goals through to fruition.”
Louanne L.